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Creating and Managing Electronic Coupons

This is an example of a discount code used to motivate customers to purchase more than a certain amount on a store. Customers enter this discount code during checkout to receive 15% off their order over $100.

ProductCart allows you to create sophisticated discount codes that can be used for a variety of purposes. You can also generate sales reports based on individual discount codes to assess the success of a certain promotion.

A discount code like the one mentioned in this example can help increase the Average Order Amount, which is a key factor in growing sales on your store.

The average order amount can be calculated as simply as TOTAL SALES / NUMBER OF ORDERS for a certain period of time. The View Sales by Date report in ProductCart provides that figure. A common way to increase sales on your store is to invite customers to spend an amount that exceeds that figure. You can do so by providing them with a visible incentive to place an order that goes over that amount. More marketing ideas >>

By the way
: this page was created used the useful "Manage Content Pages" feature in ProductCart, which allows you to use the system to create and manage pages that go beyond and compliment your online catalog.